The Art of Bowing

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Starting December 1st, 2021, haegeum performer/composer Jeonghyeon Joo presents new work under the theme of The Art of Bowing every first day of the month until May 2022. Featured works include her solo compositions and collaborative works with composers, performers, and filmmakers based in Los Angeles and Seoul. Each of the six chapters will consist of an audiovisual piece, performance recording, or writing.

The Art of Bowing explores aesthetics and the world beyond the action of bowing, questioning what is beyond the body, sound, and movement of herself and her instrument. It first draws the aesthetic meaning of the bowing itself by putting a microscopic lens to the physicality of the haegeum and the performing body. It then captures the moment of connection and disconnection between them and expands its perspective to the environment and socio-cultural context surrounding the haegeum and body.

The Art of Bowing is made possible through the generous support from the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.